Pets are great companions. We love them so much that we are willing to make an extra effort in making them feel special and comfortable. But, it’s no secret that they can make a mess. They topple their food and water bowls. They track dirt and mud into the house, they shed hairs and leave behind a stinky odour on your furniture and wooden floors. However, owning a four-legged buddy should not mean that your home always stinks. Here are some quick and easy tips for cleaning up after them.

Clean Up Pet Hair

It’s a given fact among pet owners that our fluffy buddies inevitably shed hair anywhere in the house–on your wooden floors, furniture, and even in your own bed. Though this can’t be prevented, especially if your pets have a long coat, this can be lessened. Brushing pup or cat’s hair regularly can help in cutting down the shedding.

Get Rid of Stains and Odours

Stains and odours at home are both messy and stinky. To prevent your home from getting smelly, invest in products that will help in removing the odour. However, if you got pet-resistant flooring at home, getting rid of stains and stinks will be a lot easier. Cleaning spills and stains on wooden floors are easier and quicker. All you need to do is mop it up using a disinfectant to remove the stink and to make the area spotless again.

Hair on Furniture

If your pets have couch and bed privileges, your furniture may start to smell stinky. You can sprinkle it with baking soda, leave it for 10-15 minutes, and vacuum it up to remove the smell. You can also use a portable vacuum cleaner to clean up the hair. A soft cotton cloth with a furniture polish is also helpful in removing pet hair on your wooden couch.

Hair on Floors

Pet hair can turn into a nightmare when it starts to build up on the floors, especially if you’re using carpets. It can hold allergens that can cause harm to your family. But, there’s always a solution to everything. A good vacuum with a beater brush or brush roll attachment is helpful in getting rid of all the fur on the floor. While carpets and pets aren’t always a good match, wooden floors and other pet-resistant flooring are perfect for your furry friends because wooden floors are the easiest to clean. Simple vacuuming or sweeping with a thick brush will do the trick.

The mess is part of having a pet; however, this doesn’t mean that we’ll love them less. There are many ways of cleaning up the mess that is convenient for you and your fluffy friends. Just make sure to choose the furniture and the flooring options that are suitable for them. Click here for more information about pet-resistant flooring.