Our Technology


When it comes to prefinished timber & bamboo flooring, extra special care needs to be taken on our part to provide you with a fantastic looking floor for generations to come. This is how we do it… Bamboozle’s flooring is in essence, a stabilised three-layered floorboard made of premium-grade bamboo. By cross-layering the product, it allows us to produce wider and longer boards, while utilising the less attractive parts of the same timber, for the sides and bottom layers. This leaves the best-looking piece for the top.

This design utilises the by-products that are usually unsuitable for premium grade flooring, thus making a top-grade timber and bamboo floor far more cost-effective, while also minimising waste. So not only is it using our resources more responsibly and sustainably, but it also creates a floorboard that is guaranteed to stay premium for a lifetime. In order to produce a floorboard that is stable we need to overcome the natural movement that occurs with some solid timber and bamboo flooring during their acclimatisation period. For this reason we use a patented core design to bring balance to inherent tensions. Our patented, stabilised flooring technology is designed specifically to keep the surface of the board perfectly level. This is how we’re able to offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all our boards. This is the next generation of flooring, exclusive to Bamboozle®.

Layer by layer ...

1. No cheap substitutes

Each layer uses the same bamboo, creating superior stability and a higher resistance to termites.

2. Hand selected boards

Only the highest grade boards are selected for the top layer, creating colour consistency and a beautiful looking floor.

3. Patented hardwood core

Our unique engineering method stabilises the board and prevents movement of the bamboo, which can result in cupping and shrinking.

4. Totally sustainable

No part of the bamboo block is wasted. No other materials are required to construct our floorboards.

5. Hard wearing coating

Our custom formulated coatings bring our floors to life, highlighting their natural beauty and protecting them from damage.

6. Resandable

Our boards have a thick surface layer which can be sanded multiple times. Bamboozle floors are designed to last a lifetime.

7. Low emissions

We use very low emission glue that is safe in your home and guarantees the boards do not delaminate. There is also no need for coatings to be applied in your home.

8. Moisture resistant

Our patented core design prevents moisture getting into the board. We then coat the entire board in a moisture barrier for added protection.

Why prefinished “Stabilised Solid” bamboo flooring

1. A timber or bamboo floor that is installed in days, not weeks

Traditional timber floors require acclimitisation that generally takes 2-6 weeks plus a sanding and coating process that takes another 1-2 weeks. This can be quite inconvenient to most home owners.

In new home situations, where the flooring is often the last trade to be completed, you can get into your new home sooner avoiding additional rental costs or bridging finance (or having to spend longer living with the mother-in-law!).

2. You can walk on your new floor the same day

If you are renovating your home, you do not need to move out and find short term accommodation. You also have the ability to move your furniture from one area back onto the completed section of flooring as the installation occurs. This makes it easier for you to manage your life around the installation process.

3. No dust associated with the sanding process

Despite of claims of being a dust-free process, the sanding and coating of timber and bamboo flooring will always create some dust.

4. No strong smells or solvents associated with the coating process

If you are concerned about the effects of strong chemicals or solvents in your home, then prefinished flooring would be the ideal solution for you.

5. Harder, more durable coating that is more resistant to scratching

By the coating our flooring in the factory we can use highly sophisticated technologies and world-leading coating systems which cannot be applied in the home.

6. No fine swirl marks or dust in the coating

As stated in the Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) guide to consumers, “a degree of contamination in the final coat is unavoidable” and “swirl marks are caused by rotary sanders and to some degree will be present in all floors”. Both of these issues are avoided by using Bamboozle’s prefinished timber & bamboo flooring.

7. Consistent gloss level and finish

When coating the floorboards in the factory we have complete control over the coating environment. This is not possible when coating in the home. This issue is recognised by the ATFA who state “differing conditions in the dwelling at the time of curing can result in gloss variation”. There can also be issues with “rejection” of the polish after coating. This can give an orange-peel effect and can occur in timbers that contain a high level of natural oils and resins, or if the timber has been contaminated with certain chemicals before coating.

8. Ability to grade the quality and colour of the flooring before installation to get a premium looking floor every time

It is very difficult to accurately grade the quality and colour of flooring before it is coated with polish. Often boards that look only slightly darker when laid become very obvious after the polish is applied. But by this stage it is too late to m ake any changes.

9. Better resistance to moisture and spills as the board is sealed on all surfaces, not just the top

By manufacturing and coating our floorboards in a factory environment, we can protect all surfaces with coating. This does two things: 1) maintains the equilibrium moisture content of the flooring which is specifically set for Perth conditions which minimises shrinkage or expansion in the home; 2) helps protect the floor from moisture ingress including spills.

10. Easier to replace individually damaged floorboards, no need to recoat the entire floor

In the event that one or more floorboards get damaged if you have a prefinished floor from Bamboozle we can easily replace those damaged boards. For a floor that has been coated in the home, these small repairs will require the whole floor to be sanded and recoated after the affected area is replaced. It is not possible to just coat a small repaired section of floor to match the original floor.

11. No nail holes in your floor

The prefinished flooring from Bamboozle is straight and flat which means we don’t need to use nails to hold the floor down or stop it moving.

12. Less damage to your floor from other trades

Because a prefinshed floor can be installed in days and beady to walk on immediately, it can be left to the very end of the building or renovating process. This allows all other trades to be completed before we start to install your new floor, minimising the risk of damage to your beautiful new floor.

13. Your floor matches what you chose in the showroom

By managing the quality, colour and coating in the factory means we can deliver a product consistent to what you have slected when visiting the showroom. Unfortunately, with solid timber flooring that is coated in the home there are too many site variations that make it very difficult to achieve the same look and finish as a showroom.

Know your bamboo flooring …

Engineered Bamboo Flooring

A veneer of bamboo over a base of other materials. The base can be anything from plywood, to a variety of different timber’s layered together in one plank. Often not suitable to glue down onto concrete. Not a well balanced construction method.

Bamboozle Stabilised Solid Flooring

Uses the engineered timber flooring method, but all 3 layers are bamboo to maximise floorboard stability. This patented Stabilised Solid technology is only available to Bamboozle and Lifewood floorboards.

Solid Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring which is made from a single solid board. Not multiple layers, just a tongue and groove edge. Generally not suitable for direct stick installation, no stabilising of the floorboard so more prone to movement.

Features & Benefits of a Bamboozle floor

Solid multi-layered flooring

We use only premium grade bamboo across all three layers. This design allows us to always select the most attractive looking wood for the top layer.

Cross-layered technology

Our patented cross-layered technology guarantees your floorboards will have maximum stability against cupping or warping

Ten layers of non-yellowing, durable coating

By applying multiple layers of polish, your floors will have the maximum resistance to scratches.

Responsible and sustainable

Our unique design means no part of the tree’s timber is wasted during the manufacturing process. We are able to operate in a sustainable way without compromising on quality.

Floorboards with a choice of widths to suit you

Our cross-layered technology has allowed us to create wider, longer floorboards, which can help to create a feeling of more space.

Tongue and grooved

This helps to provide a more stable floor and improve moisture resistance. Can create a better finish and allow more intricate work than click-lock systems.

Prefinished flooring

Your floor is ready to walk on within hours of being installed. No need to move out or find short-term accommodation as is the case with the sand and polish method.

Designed for the Australian climate

We take great care to acclimatise your flooring before we install it. This means you can floor is ready to walk on and furniture moved back in almost instantly.

Coating applied to all surfaces

By coating all six sides of the floorboard, your floor has maximum moisture resistance.

Floorboards are glued directly to the floor

This helps to create a quieter floor to wlk on and there are no unsightly nail holes.

“From the beginning, we made a commitment to create the world’s most stable, durable and beautiful looking hardwood flooring. Working with a product that naturally contracts and expands presented us with plenty of challenges, but after many years of research and development, we fulfilled our commitment and in the process created our patented technology.” Mark Hutchison – Founder and Managing Director