Innovative Bamboo Flooring Technology


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Award-Winning type of Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboozle’s flooring is in essence, a stabilised three-layered floorboard made of premium-grade bamboo. By cross-layering the product, it allows us to produce wider and longer boards, while utilising the less attractive parts of the same timber, for the sides and bottom layers. This leaves the best-looking piece for the top.

The result is a cost effective flooring option that not only radiates beauty but also effectively controls board movements and eradicates the risk of boards cupping or warping over time.

Awarded by Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA)

We are honored to announce that we won the ‘Innovative Product of the Year 2023’ award at the ATFA National Industry Awards Night.

Our Founder and Managing Director , Mark Hutchison, continues to drive innovation while steadfastly upholding our commitment to sustainability.

The Bamboozle brand is dedicated to pursuing excellence in the flooring industry and will continue to offer remarkable flooring solutions, pushing boundaries while remaining true to our core values. We are genuinely grateful for this recognition.

Why Choose Bamboo Flooring?

Solid multi-layered flooring

We use only premium grade bamboo across all three layers. This design allows us to always select the most attractive looking wood for the top layer.

✓ Cost effective solution

The bamboo core of our design offers a stronger, more durable alternative to the softwoods used in other floors on the market.

✓ Responsible and sustainable

Our unique design means no part of the tree’s timber is wasted during the manufacturing process. We are able to operate in a sustainable way without compromising on quality.

✓ Prefinished flooring

Your floor is ready to walk on within hours of being installed. No need to move out or find short-term accommodation as is the case with the sand and polish method.

✓ Cross-layered technology

Our patented cross-layered technology guarantees your floorboards will have maximum stability against cupping or warping

✓ Designed for the Australian climate

We take great care to acclimatise your flooring before we install it. This means you can floor is ready to walk on and furniture moved back in almost instantly.

✓ Natural & Warm Look & Feel

Our patented bamboo core technology brings a a whole new kind of warm, natural feel that is very difficult to achieve in carpet or tiles. Perfectly suit to your family’s lifestyle.

✓ Easy Clean & Quick Installation

Our prefinished bamboo floors are wiped clean in minutes. Also, your floor is ready to walk on within hours of being installed. No need to move out or find short-term accommodation as is the case with the sand and polish method.


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What Our Customers Say About Bamboozle Flooring and Lifewood


Their installers are the best that there is out there. The quality of the product, the quality of the installation and just the overall job, the value for money is just superb.” – Claude Martino, Builder

I love my new floor. It looks amazing.” – Kathy

We’ve already recommend Bamboozle to lots of people. because we are so happy with it, everything went so smoothly.” – Pat and Jen