Forever young lifetime warranty

“A Bamboozle floor is a lifetime choice, so we back it up with a warranty to match … Lifetime cover – Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Lifetime Warranty”

Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Lifetime Warranty

After all, that’s the greatest advantage of purchasing a Bamboozle bamboo floor … total peace of mind! For as long as you retain ownership of your home, we’ll warrant your floor with our Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Lifetime Warranty. That means, you can be sure your floor is going to continue to impress for as long as you’re on it. Drop us a line if you’d like all the details, otherwise we’ll provide them for you when drafting your flooring proposal.

We’re now Lifewood Handcrafted Flooring and have ceased all manufacturing of Bamboo flooring.

Over the past 18 years, Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Perth has installed its premium bamboo floors into thousands of homes in Perth.

As a result, we are the most trusted brand for premium bamboo flooring in WA. Our last 500 customers rated their overall satisfaction at 9.53 out of 10. And this is a rate for both their Bamboozle bamboo floors and our craftsmen’s outstanding installation service.

Moreover, we design every Bamboozle bamboo flooring to be perfect for the Australian lifestyle and climate.


Our patented Stabilised Solid design ensures your floor will last a lifetime

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Our Guarantees – Purchase Without Stress

Guarantee to provide the industry’s highest standard of installation. If not, your installation is free

Guarantee your floor will stay flat and perform its role for a lifetime or we will replace or repair your floor at our expense.

Guarantee you won’t pay a cent more than our agreed price or additional expenses will be covered by us.

Will pay to have your whole home professionally cleaned top to bottom if our installer leaves your home without cleaning up. All rubbish will be removed by us.

If the coating on your floor doesn’t perform to industry standards, we’ll rectify the floor at our expense.

Apply no penalties for change of mind on your choice of floor before delivery.

Will never use a plywood, rubber wood (Hevea) or pine base in residential homes (termites love plywood).

Ensure our flooring is installed with no harmful emissions.

Will never use any product harvested from illegal logging.

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Handcrafted Bamboo Flooring Perth

In Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Perth, we get each hand-selected piece of beautiful bamboo dried and aged to reduce moisture and movement.

Meanwhile, we top-grade our bamboo floorboards so that we use the whole bamboo block. That is to say, the most beautiful sections of the compressed bamboo block compose the top layer plank. And the pieces with some slight discoloration and strong grain are used for the bottom layer, as a full piece for ultimate stability.

This ensures Bamboozle creating the timeless looking bamboo floor for the market. While the shorter pieces of bamboo are used in the core of the board to maximise the sustainable use of the resource.

100% real timber from top to bottom

Using 100% bamboo right through the one floorboard not only increases termite resistance, but also creates an extremely stable structure, which guarantees a consistent level of hardness, balance, and harmony.

The Stabilised Solid core protects against moisture. We coat all six sides of every floorboard with an extra moisture barrier, while other floorboards coat only the top surface. That means you can enjoy peace of mind regarding the effects of moisture, climate, and a busy lifestyle.

In short, you can trust that the exquisite bamboo floor canvas of your home is resilient to everyday wear, with extra durability.

What Our Customers Say About Bamboozle Flooring and Lifewood


Their installers are the best that there is out there. The quality of the product, the quality of the installation and just the overall job, the value for money is just superb.” – Claude Martino, Builder

I love my new floor. It looks amazing.” – Kathy

We’ve already recommend Bamboozle to lots of people. because we are so happy with it, everything went so smoothly.” – Pat and Jen