Forever young lifetime warranty

“A Bamboozle floor is a lifetime choice, so we back it up with a warranty to match … Lifetime cover – Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Lifetime Warranty”

Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Lifetime Warranty

After all, that’s the greatest advantage of purchasing a Bamboozle bamboo floor … total peace of mind! For as long as you retain ownership of your home, we’ll warrant your floor with our Bamboozle Bamboo Flooring Lifetime Warranty. That means, you can be sure your floor is going to continue to impress for as long as you’re on it. Drop us a line if you’d like all the details, otherwise we’ll provide them for you when drafting your flooring proposal.

Bamboozle bamboo flooring is exclusively available from Lifewood. Visit the Lifewood family in the award-winning timber flooring showroom in Perth, to experience and visualise how an amazing floor can transform your life. We aim to make buying bamboo and timber floors easy, enjoyable and convenient - all you have to do is choose something beautiful and Lifewood will do the rest.

Australia-wide, directly contact Morgane and Tony for this personalised Lifewood advice and service.
Morgane:  (08) 9445 9011
Tony:  (08) 9445 9011

Phone   (08) 9445 9011
Showroom   18 Hector Street West
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