Bamboo Flooring Design Trends in 2019

The Bamboo flooring Perth market has been around for close to two decades, but only in the last couple of years have we seen it start to really mature structurally and aesthetically.

Originally, bamboo flooring was very poor in design adaptability. Bamboo floorboards were always limited to narrow widths and limited colour selections. Now, with a strong push from the interior design world, bamboo flooring companies have been forced to innovate.

Here are six big changes we have made to our existing range of bamboo flooring Perth collection.

1. More Colour Variations


When we first introduced bamboo flooring to Perth, and the whole of Australia, we had a very limited range of colour creations. Our original product was just honey, caramel and mocha bamboo.

Now with our advanced manufacturing methods we’re able to create a more extensive range of colours from a white vanilla to our liquorice black bamboo.


2. Wider Boards


Wider boards make a room feel much more open and spacious.

Bamboo flooring has been historically difficult to keep flat in Australian conditions. The wider the board the harder it is to keep it from expanding and contracting, which ultimately cause the floorboards to cup over time.

All that has changed with our Stabilised Solid and Nature Steel structures (see more about this below). By creating our floors with this structure we’re able to make our boards 190mm wide without having to increase the thickness of the floor.

3. Single Strip Wide Board


Be careful! Some companies will tell you that they are selling wide board bamboo but in actual fact they’ll sell you two strip bamboo flooring.

Two strip flooring is a cheaper manufacturing method that creates a wider floorboard by sticking two veneer strips to a single base. If you look closely at these boards, you will easily notice it’s just two narrow boards stuck together.

This method is common when buying “wide board” bamboo flooring from carpet stores and cheap flooring suppliers.


4. Stronger Structure


When we first started selling bamboo flooring in Perth and across Australia, all our boards were made using solid compressed strand woven bamboo.

It wasn’t until a year later that we realised this way of manufacturing the board is not suitable for Australian conditions as the boards started to decompress and bend. This structure also puts extreme limitation on ways of adapting the floor with changes in design trends.

This realisation forced us to innovate the Australian bamboo flooring industry by creating our Stabilised Solid patented flooring technology.

Our cross-layered solid engineered structure makes our boards tougher, more durable, and very adaptable for aesthetic appeal.

5. More durable


Our entire range of bamboo flooring in Perth has a rating of 14.7 kN on the Janka Hardness Test.

This test is a direct measure of a woods resistance to denting and wear. The test will rank the wood based on how many kilonewtons it takes to force a metal ball bearing into the floorboards surface. The higher the number the more durable the floor is.

Comparatively bamboo flooring is even harder that Australian hardwoods which rank anywhere from 5 kN (Tasmanian Oak) to 12 kilonewtons (Spotted Gum)


6. More Gloss level variation


Interior design trends are moving towards a less glossy, more satin and matte finishes.

This is seen in Perth commonly with oceanic designs using lighter rustic wood tones such as driftwood and limed washed. Typically, higher gloss finishes are used when you want the tones in your floor to stand out and “pop,” like in high feature Australian hardwood.

As bamboo doesn’t have natural tones like hardwoods, we find making it with a less glossy finish gives it a look and feel much closer to our French Oak collection. We have even colour graded our bamboo collection to match our premium range of French Oak.

Independent on what finish you choose, all boards are easily cleaned with water and a microfibre mop.

Come and see it for yourself


If you’re looking for bamboo flooring Perth, come and visit the pioneers in the industry.

Here at Bamboozle we have a large range of bamboo flooring in our Perth showroom, all laid so our customers can get a realistic idea of how their floor will look when laid in their home.

If you’re in Perth we’d love to invite you in for a cup of coffee and a tour of our award-winning showroom. If you’re not in Perth, we would still love to connect and see how we can work together.