Why bamboo flooring?

“Flooring is the only part of your home that you touch at almost every moment of every day. So while looks are important, so too is the sense of touch.”

Why Bamboo Flooring Staircase Image

Why bamboo flooring? This is one of the top questions asked by people who are looking for a new flooring.

To the eye, our premium bamboo flooring has a natural glow that tiles and carpet can’t replicate.

A Bamboozle bamboo floors creates a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. Whilst tiles and carpets tend to date quickly, a Bamboozle bamboo floor is guaranteed to look good for years to come.

The 7 benefits of choosing a Bamboozle bamboo floor are:

  1. Hard Wearing – our bamboo floors are selected and stabilised to suit the typical family lifestyle.
  2. Natural & Warm Look & Feel – a whole new kind of warm, natural feel that is very difficult to achieve in carpet or tiles.
  3. Colour consistency – our patented, stabilised flooring technology enables the bamboo flooring you choose from our showroom to match the look of the floor you get installed in your home.
  4. No Mess – raw timber needs to be sanded and coated inside your home, our prefinished bamboo floors do not.
  5. Easy Clean – our prefinished bamboo floors are wiped clean in minutes.
  6. Quick Installation – because our bamboo floors are prefinished, you won’t need to camp out at the in-laws. Installation is fast and clean, and the floors can be walked on the same day.
  7. Environmentally friendly – our patented, stabilised flooring technology ensures maximum utilisation of the bamboo resource.