Bamboozle bamboo flooring vs Solid compressed bamboo

When you are doing your research you will find a number of companies in Perth selling this solid compressed style of bamboo, it’s usually called compressed grain bamboo (or composite bamboo boards).

In fact, we were one of the companies that first introduced this product to Perth a number of years ago. To our surprise at the time, we had a number of our customers calling us very distressed that their beautiful floor had started to cup on the surface, and this was happening just a few short months after installation. Past experiences have shown us that this product is not suitable for Australian conditions.

The structure of the compressed grain board is fundamentally flawed. The grain only runs the length of the board and there is nothing to stop it distorting across the face of the board under Australia’s extreme conditions. There are some companies in Perth that import this style of board that are adamant that this problem is only due to moisture in your slab and they usually insist you put a moisture barrier down first which will solve the problem. It is our experience that this is just not true and it is the structure of the board that is flawed. A classic case was our original showroom floor which cupped only months after being installed, even though there was no measurable moisture in the slab. Interestingly the factories that produce compressed grain products are aware of this problem.

In most cases, the floors required sanding and polishing to flatten them again – not a nice process, quite dusty and smelly – and required the customer to move out of the house for a week or so – which is obviously a little distressing. In a couple if instances, the floors cupped so severely that they had to be ripped out and replaced – which was even worse for the customer.

Of course, all these floors are covered by our lifetime warranty, and we showed the integrity to follow through on all our obligations.

And obviously, this is something we all want to avoid… isn’t it?

The great thing for Bamboozle customers is that you don’t have to worry about this problem any more.

Bamboozle in conjunction with our partner factory have developed a superior product that has given our customers total peace of mind. Bamwood strand woven bamboo flooring was developed by us to solve these problems. There are a number of steps that are essential to making Bamwood suitable for Australian conditions. One of the visual differences was the addition of a cross-laminated centre layer – this essentially helps stabilise the surface of the board and preventing the cupping occurring. There are also another 5 critical steps in the manufacturing of the Bamwood board that improves the stability compared to solid compressed grain boards.

These extra steps include controlled moisture content, improved seasoning, a superior European glue formulation and system, improved pressure control, hot pressing and scientifically tested balancing times.

Even though the Bamwood board costs considerably more to make, this is a much smarter choice and becomes an investment considering the flooring has to perform in your home for many years to come. It wouldn’t make sense to make these changes if the benefit to our customers was not significant.

It is worth mentioning that having the centre layer does not reduce the amount of times you can sand the floor and in many cases it allows you to have more board life (ie. if the floor cups you will always get a reduced sanding life). On any wooden or compressed bamboo floor you can only sand the surface down until you reach the tongue and groove.

Since we started implementing this product several years ago, we have installed over 5000 homes without a repeat of the significant problems associated with compressed grain flooring.


Bamboozle have had many years of supplying and installing quality bamboo floors to the new home and renovation market, either conventional bamboo grain or “Bamwood” – a bamboo flooring that’s over 70% harder than jarrah, and gives the look and feel of conventional timber flooring. Bamboo flooring today is mostly supplied pre-finished and stuck direct onto concrete. Furniture can be moved back after only several hours, reducing disruption for renovators. Bamboo flooring has all the attributes of quality timber flooring – a warm look and feel to suit the most discerning of owners, and a look that can be improved after many years of service, if necessary, by sanding & polishing to give a traditional finish. As far as health and cleanliness is concerned, bamboo flooring scores high marks. Pets are disinclined to mess a hard floor, but it can be easily cleaned, however pets can find bamboo floors a bit slippy when rushing about! Bamwood flooring is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Many owners opt to use Enjo microfibre mops or a steam mop occasionally. The tight fixing method also means that an accidental spillage of red wine is readily cleaned up leaving no evidence!

why bamboo?

Flooring is the only part of your home you touch at almost every moment of every day. So while looks are important, so too is the sense of touch. To the eye, our premium bamboo flooring has a natural glow other floors can’t match. And because of its unique grain, bamboo floors give homes a beautiful flow from room to room. Our customers tell us time and again that their bamboo flooring makes them feel good about their home. It touches their hearts as well as their toes. The fact that bamboo is forest-friendly will make you feel good inside too.

the bamboozle product promise

We promise your bamboo floor will be:

  • Breathtakingly beautiful and add a new feeling of warmth to your home.
  • Manufactured to exacting standards and perfectly suited to Australian conditions (it won’t warp, cup, crack or split).
  • Installed to exacting standards of fit, finish and appearance.

the bamboozle service promise

We promise we will:

  • Give you honest, professional advice so you can confidently choose a bamboo floor that matches your home & lifestyle.
  • Keep you regularly informed at all times leading up to and during the installation process.
  • Be on time, respectful, well presented, courteous and professional at all times.
  • Make installation a quick, clean and efficient process.
  • Leave your new floor spotless and your home clean and tidy.
  • Treat your home and new floor as if they were our own.

Bamboozle bamboo flooring is exclusively available from Lifewood. Visit the Lifewood family in the award-winning timber flooring showroom in Perth, to experience and visualise how an amazing floor can transform your life. We aim to make buying bamboo and timber floors easy, enjoyable and convenient - all you have to do is choose something beautiful and Lifewood will do the rest.

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