Unique timber and bamboo flooring.

Interior design trends come and go. Some last, some don’t. Professionals know the difference between an investment and a fad or fashion. There is no doubt that a floor is a serious investment.

Besides adding style and class, a stabilised hardwood timber or bamboo floor will unquestionably add value to your home because unlike tiles, a timber or bamboo floor is timeless. The agelessness of timber is accepted so strongly that some tile manufacturers now seek to mimic timber grains. Moreover, there is a current trend in amongst a few tile makers for longer, thinner tiles so that when laid, the tiles actually emulate timber. However, there can only be only one original. Sadly for tile makers, while timber floors retain their grace, elegance and ageless class, tiles are still tiles. Therefore, like tiles in general, they tend to date. Beware of timber imitations.


It’s all about balance.

With choosing a new floor for a new home or renovating an existing home, it’s about balance: classic versus contemporary; current versus traditional; function versus form; style versus design. At Bamboozle, when you visit our showroom, you can see (and walk on) a sample timber or bamboo floor in situ (not hanging on a wall like a tile showroom). You can also take home with you, samples of our patented, and uniquely stabilised timber or bamboo together the knowledge that it won’t cup [warp], bend or swell. Plus the confidence that your Bamboozle floor is laid only by highly trained, fully supervised and accredited installers.


Colour you don’t see. But you can feel it.

One of the great attributes of natural timber and bamboo flooring is that it is classically neutral. In the design world, neutral is ‘king’ because it becomes the background palette upon which other accessories may shine – rugs, furniture, decorations. It remains the most popular choice amongst interior designers because it ‘warms’ the heart as well as the home.

Grey is particularly popular. This is evidenced by its use in large-scale finishes such as flooring, paints and fabrics, as well as accessories and smaller items. Neutrals serve you well and stand the test of time. You can feel secure knowing your selection will not date. This may explain why designers of flooring are increasingly selecting grey-toned timbers such as Spotted Gum, French Oak, and Grey Gum. Less neutral but warm and rich in tone, Jarrah introduces ‘rose’ as a colour base that somehow combines a sense of serenity with solidarity. Like chocolate, some timbers are rich in taste but no less warming or neutral as a result.

Other popular options include oaks, both darker and the lighter, blonder varieties. These gorgeous colours sit back beautifully with the newer trend highlights. You may already know that while timber generally darkens over time, bamboo floors generally become lighter.


Longer, wider timber and bamboo boards

Timber floors also allow you to add texture. That doesn’t necessarily mean shag pile rugs or carpeted bathrooms. Rugs with a lower pile, such as jute or flat weaves are very much on-trend and a great way to introduce texture while not going over budget.

In flooring, there is also a resurgence of chevron, herringbone and parquetry flooring trends. This is a beautiful option and adds instant worldly glamour, reminiscent of Parisian apartments that never lose their sense of style.

Longer, wider boards are increasingly being specified and remain popular. They are elegant and work particularly well in larger, open spaces. In many cases, new apartments look fantastic with the larger board style as well.


Technologically superior

Flooring quality is everything. The days of compressed flooring delaminating, cupping, swelling, distorting, bending or warping have long gone. Using a patented process unique to Bamboozle called stabilised flooring, Bamboozle hand selects the top layer for its visual consistency, so it is without blemishes. The middle layer while from the same plant is slightly less visually satisfying but equally hard. Manufactured to strict specifications, the bottom layer is the least visually presentable. Kiln-dried to exacting specifications, each layer is glued under enormous pressure with an eco-friendly adhesive. The result is stabilised timber and bamboo flooring with enormous strength. The top, bottom and sides are sealed with multiple layers of polyurethane. That is why Bamboozle floors will last a lifetime.

Sustainable flooring solutions

One interior design trend that is becoming increasingly popular to consumers is selecting finishes and flooring that is sustainable. This is not even considered a trend by many. It is more a design requirement as people become more educated on the matter. The uniquely stabilised timber and bamboo flooring from Bamboozle employs functional log cuts that mean both timber and bamboo maximises the use of the source material and minimises waste without compromising either presentation, appearance or quality. It represents a potent movement towards better, more informed choices. Selecting sustainable products does not mean compromising on style or quality.