Halloween is fast-approaching, and while it can be fun and festive, there are also risks when opening your home to scary strangers. Most of the trick or treaters are harmless. What you need to be wary of are the pranksters, the vandals, and the mess they may cause to your home and flooring.

But don’t despair, prepare! We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to keep your floor in excellent condition and protected before those zombies, ballerinas, gooey goblins and sticky-fingered witches start knocking on your door.

Place Rugs in the Door Ways

Rugs are versatile and easy to move which make them perfect for this festive season. It is best to put rugs in the doorways where the trick or treaters enter. You may also place mats in the areas of the house with high foot traffic such as in the hallway to keep timber flooring protected. There are many spooky festive rugs available in the market which can add to the Halloween-feel in your house.

Prepare a Mop and Cleaning Solutions

Along with the fun and exciting activities on Halloween, there is the mess it may cause, especially if you’re hosting a party at home. No matter how careful you are with the surface you walk on, dirt and stains can hardly be avoided. So, if you have Bamwood or hardwood flooring at home, a damp mop and a cleaning solution are all you need to clean the spills and sticky lollies.

Remember that when it comes to wood, excessive wet patches are a big no-no as it can ruin the floors. It can stain the flooring and can even result to expanded and warped boards. The mop needs to be as dry as possible. Wring out as much moisture until the mop becomes slightly damp. Protect your home and flooring while enjoying the fun and scary moments on one of the most horrible nights of the year.

Celebrate Outside

If weather permits, it is best to greet trick or treaters and give them candies outside to avoid confectionary messes and dirty shoes on your bamboo flooring. Conducting a Halloween party outside is also ideal. Partying outdoor will not only keep the flooring protected, but it also keeps your house safe from suspicious and uninvited guests.

Have Fun and Enjoy

Halloween should be fun and a little scary. Don’t let Halloween turn into a nightmare because of the scratches, dirt, and mess it can cause to your home and flooring. Be prepared! And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy with the ghosts, zombies, and goblins.

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