Pets are family. But, as much as we cherish the presence of our fluffy four-legged buddies at home, they also present challenges in our living space. Particularly in preventing floors and furniture from damage and in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the entire house.

Whether you’re welcoming a new family member or you’re living with pets for years, these five easy tips to make your home pet-friendly will help you and your pets to live harmoniously.

Keep them Safe

The very first thing you need to consider in making your home safe and inviting to animals is to protect your home from potential dangers. Keep cleaning products and toxic materials out of their reach. Store them in high areas or closed cabinets. Cover electric wires and keep window treatment cords from dangling.

Provide Pets with a Space of their Own

Pets sometimes crave for privacy and cosiness. Give them an area where they can seek refuge when they want to sleep or relax. You can give them comfortable beds that complement your home decor. Put their beds in an area in your house that is out of direct sunlight, away from noise and that you won’t mind getting hairy or dirty.

Protect Walls with Paints

Pets are like kids; they do numerous things that can damage the walls. Pets like to rub their bodies against the walls as they pass by. So instead of using wallpaper at home, paint your walls with beautiful colours. But if you have your heart set on wallpaper, you can have it in rooms that cats and dogs seldom visit.

Use Washable Fabrics

There are times when you like to share your bed with your pets. Protect your bed against possible dirt, hair, or accidents that could occur when you let your fluffy four-legged buddies sleep with you.

Invest in washable covers made from heavy fabrics. Choose high-quality sheets with a medium shade that could hide little pet hairs. For easier-to-clean options, you can have canvas, denim, or sturdy synthetic materials. These types of fabrics resist moisture, stains, germs, and odour.

Choose  Bamwood Flooring

Although pets don’t mean to make a mess, it’s a given fact that they can scratch or harm your flooring. However, having pets in the house does not mean that you have to deal with and get used to damaged flooring. You can still have beautiful flooring while having your pets around.

Choose floors that are hard wearing and scratch resistant. Premium bamboo flooring is an excellent choice. It is strong, durable, and lasting. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Bamwood flooring comes in a variety of colours and styles. You can also add mats and trim your pet’s’ nails regularly to protect your flooring further.

For more advice on a pet-friendly flooring for your home, or how to fix floor damages due to pet paws, talk to a flooring specialist at Bamboozle showroom in Perth.

You can also view this video of a satisfied Bamboozle client.

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