Home Interior Design

Bamwood is our super-hard flagship product and the result of many years of innovation. Specifically designed to last a lifetime in Perth conditions, Bamwood is made purely from bamboo and can be sanded 4-5 times later down the track. This range of product is best suited to those looking for their flooring to be a permanent fixture for their home. This is the most popular choice for a family home.

Bamwood-On-Ply – while looking exactly the same as Bamwood on the surface – has a different floorboard technology behind it, combining the same super-tough nature of bamboo with the engineering of plywood as the structural base. This style of product is designed for those looking for a super-hard floor that will give them great value for 20 or so years, but not necessarily for a lifetime. As the more affordable cousin in the Bamwood range, Bamwood-On-Ply has a thinner vaneer of bamboo on top, so you can sand it 2 times in the future. This is the most popular choice for anyone who does not intend on living in the home indefinitely, or is working to a specific budget.

Both styles of boards will ideally be adhered directly to the concrete subfloor (see the difference between installation methods here), but can be floated if a temporary flooring solution is what you’re after. The latter being the easier option to remove at the end of a commercial lease for instance. However, if it is a floating floor that you want then we’d recommend Bamwood-On-Ply over Bamwood. The reason being that a floating floor will only serve you for 10-15 years on average, so you just wouldn’t get the true value out of Bamwood in this scenario.

Both products will sound the same to walk on when directly stuck to the concrete and are as hardwearing as each other, so you’ll still have the same piece of mind when doing the flamingo in those racy red stilettos either way ;-).

For more guidance on determining which flooring is the right fit for you, please reach out to us to discuss in person.

TLTR: Bamwood lasts longer than Bamwood-On-Ply, but Bamwood-On-Ply is a smaller investment.

– See more at: https://bamboozle.com.au/blog/home-interior-design/the-differences-between-bamwood-and-bamwood-on-ply-and-which-is-the-right-choice-for-you.aspx#sthash.6nKAtF8M.dpuf