Bamboo flooring adds natural warmth to your home. Appearance aside, the durability of bamboo makes it one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Why bamboo flooring prices vary so much.

Differences in bamboo flooring pricing generally reflect the quality of the flooring – from how and where the materials are harvested, the design of the floorboard itself, how the boards are stabilised, what chemicals and glues are used, the quality of the installation. There can be big differences between the standards that are adopted to both the manufacture the flooring and later, the installation in your home.

The eco-friendly solution.

Unlike hardwood flooring, bamboo is not harvested from trees. Bamboo is one of the largest, naturally renewable grasses. It grows rapidly and in the wild, can replenish itself in just a few years. It is grown in sustainable forests with no effect on local human or animal populations.

Pandas neither inhabit nor eat the MOSO bamboo species used by Bamboozle. Harvested after 5 to 6 years, Bamboozle plantations are grown without herbicides, chemical fertilisers, and pesticides.

Bamboozle adheres to strict safety protocols throughout the entire manufacturing process. Cheap, urea-formaldehyde adhesives that emit toxic fumes are not used. All Bamboozle floors use a low-emission binder that is neither harmful to human health, nor the environment. High-quality bamboo flooring has naturally low volatile organic compounds [VOC].

Bamboo and water – the upkeep of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo can be more moisture-resistant than most traditional hardwoods. It is also naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew. All liquids should be cleaned and dried and quickly as possible. A slightly damp cloth is better than a wet mop or sponge.

Sanding and refinishing can only occur on bamboo floors that are glued directly to a solid substrate. Floating floors cannot be sanded or refinished because a floating floor will move during sanding.

Compressed grain bamboo will generally resist dents and is more durable than most timbers. However, scuff marks and scratches may occur on a bamboo floor over time. Removing stones or grit caught in shoe treads, using rugs in high traffic areas, placing mats at the entrance and the sink, and fitting felt pads to furniture will help preserve your floor. Generally, light rubbing with a wood floor cleaner [follow the manufacturer’s instruction] can remove most scratches and scuff marks.

While timber mostly darkens with age, bamboo will lighten especially if the floor is exposed to direct and strong sunlight over time. Investing in block out curtains or blinds will limit the possibility of fading.

Prefinished Bamboo or sanded and polished in the home

Pre-finished bamboo flooring can be installed to walk-ready status the same day. Site-finishing and polishing can take several weeks.

Bamboozle directly glues its flooring planks to the subfloor with flexible and long lasting adhesives. This gives the finished floor superior sound qualities and will last the entire lifetime of the house and allow it to be sanded and polished multiple times in the future.

Floating floors [where the floor is laid over foam underlay] may reduce and/or disguise distortion. This method is also used for laminated floors. A low-cost option, it is sometimes used also to overcome undulating subfloors. It is not recommended because Bamboozle does not consider it to be a long-term flooring solution. Be aware that floating floors cannot be re-sanded and re-finished. Floating bamboo floors are commonly used by companies that do not have long-term confidence in their floors. For example, if the floor cups or moves, it is cheaper and easier to remove a floating floor than one that is directly stuck to the subfloor.

Bamboo Flooring Installation

Bamboozle only employs highly trained, experienced and professional flooring craftsmen.

While a unique patented technology stabilises and strengthens the boards. It also allows them to be glued to a solid substrate without any consequences. The substrate must be completely dry and flat.

Part of the Bamboozle accredited installation process includes verifying both the moisture content and floor level before installation as these factors can significantly influence the outcome. Bamboozle adheres to the stringent Australian industry standards set for each location that determines permitted moisture levels. If the moisture level is too high, a moisture barrier will be required for the slab.

Notwithstanding this, Bamboozle pre-finished bamboo flooring is sealed on the underside of the board. Bamboozle stabilised bamboo flooring generally enables homeowners to avoid the expense of a moisture barrier altogether.

Colour options and styles

While Bamboo is renowned for its durability and warmth, it can be stained to almost any colour shade to complement an existing décor. The most common colours are mocha and caramel – although there is a wide choice of other colours, textures and grains from which to choose.

Its stability, impact resistance and stylish, tonal appearance has made bamboo one of the most popular and contemporary flooring styles available.

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