Hardwood Range: Timber Flooring Perth, WA

Sold, Prefinished, Stabilised Timber Floors

If you’re particular about your home, the Bamboozle range of prefinished, stabilised timber and bamboo flooring is designed for you. Bamboozle pioneered, developed and patented a unique stabilising process. Bamboozle timber and bamboo flooring has evolved to a high quality, prefinished premium-grade floorboard that is guaranteed for life, yet doesn’t cost the earth.
  • The Bamboozle process utilises a patented, cross-layered design.
  • Known as stabilised flooring, Bamboozle flooring will not bend, stretch, warp or twist.
  • Top surface is carefully hand-selected for its visual appeal. The middle layer and bottom layers are usually extracted from the same log. Compressed under immense pressure using eco-friendly glues, the Bamboozle process provides the unique stabilisation and strength properties.
  • The marginally less attractive parts of the timber are concealed in the structure below the top layer.
  • This results in a dramatic reduction of waste because timber that would otherwise be unsuitable is utilised to deliver proven strength.


Irrespective of the species, Bamboozle timber is:
    • Kiln dried
    • precision-cut and planed
    • Prefinished with seven layers of moisture-resistant polyurethane. This makes Bamboozle timber flooring ideal for kitchens, living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.
    • Cut millimetre perfect.
    • Each plank is tongue and grooved.
These manufacturing innovations make for a strong, durable and beautiful floor throughout a home. It also makes possible a longer, wider floorboard with less colour variation.

Simple, clean fast installation

A Bamboozle prefinished floor is securely installed by gluing directly to the concrete floor slab in days – not weeks.
  • Because a Bamboozle floor is pre-finished, household disruption is minimal.
  • No requirement for messy sanding and polishing the floor after installation.
  • A prefinished Bamboozle timber floor may be sanded later as many times as a solid wood, to provide long-term value.
Bamboozle flooring may be stained to almost any colour or repolished with any colour including smoked or double-smoked wood stains. Choose from:

French Oak:

  • French Oak is slow growing. The result is minimal lateral expansion, a tight grain and characteristic knots that provide a unique decorative feature.
  • French Oak ranges from cream to pale brown. Some have slight tones of pink. The grain responds well to reactive stains due to the tannin in stains. The result produces amazingly unique colours that simple stains cannot achieve.
  • French Oak is extremely durable and ages well.

Spotted Gum:

  • Intricate grain patterns ensure Spotted Gum is always in demand.
  • Perfectly suited for architectural purposes, especially flooring.
  • Spotted Gum isextremely hardwearing and long lasting.
  • Beautiful and varied colours range fromdeep chocolate browns, stunning blondes to rich reds. [There is a NSW spotted gum that is lighter with some lively pink tones. The Queensland counterpart actually comes from different species of tree that is distinctively darker with many rich, darker brown tones]. Bamboozle only imports the NSW variety for its floors because it is far more popular.
  • Spotted Gum is durable, strong and fire resistant.


  • A strong, durable hardwood, Blackbutt is ideal for flooring applications offering versatility and adaptability.
  • The warmth, strength and natural beauty of Blackbutt has proven enduringly popular in a wide variety of interior settings. Bamboozle specialise in NSW Blackbutt due to its cleaner and lighter appearance.
  • Blackbutt is an excellent plantation timber due to its versatility and speed of growth.
  • Colours range from golden yellow to pale brown. Sometimes, it may have a slight pinkish colour. It has an even texture and is generally straight grained.
  • NSW Blackbutt may be stained, painted or polished.
  • The name came from the tree's appearance after bushfire where the buttress - or butt - was significantly darkened. [Coastal Blackbutt - also known as NSW Blackbutt - is different to the tableland species sometimes known as New England Blackbutt. There is also a Western Australian species that is softer in density and a different tone altogether].

Rose Jarrah:

  • Rose Jarrah is one of the most desired floor coverings that builders use due to the warmth, beauty, durability and strength it brings to every home.
  • Ranking 8.5 on the Janka scale, Rose Jarrah offers an attractive, prefinished hardwood flooring option.
  • A gorgeous pinkish-red colour, Rose Jarrah is insect and rot resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • A healthy choice for those who suffer from allergens.
  • Rose jarrah provides a timeless beauty that complements any interior space with an attractive grain pattern.
  • The rose or lighter colours have evolved more recently due to the supply of younger logs that are decidedly lighter in tone than the previous larger, older growth logs provided in the past.


  • Unique to the southwest of Western Australia, Marri is a light coloured timber with inherently variable colours ranging from brown to light brown, fawn and white.
  • Hardwood with a wide range of grain, Marri is similar in strength to Jarrah.
  • Prefinished Marri flooring will change colour remarkably depending on the choice of finish.
  • Different grades of Marri and different proportions of gum in each grade add to its character. This makes Marri highly sought after. The black gum vein actually comes from the exposure to bush fires. The black is the dried gum of the tree captured in veins or pockets.