Stabilised Patented Timber Flooring Technology

When it comes to prefinished timber & bamboo flooring, extra special care needs to be taken on our part to provide you with a fantastic looking floor for generations to come. This is how we do it... Bamboozle's flooring is in essence, a stabilised three-layered floorboard made of premium-grade timber & bamboo. By cross-layering the product, it allows us to produce wider and longer boards, while utilising the less attractive parts of the same timber, for the sides and bottom layers. This leaves the best-looking piece for the top. cross-engineering-2-3 This design utilises the by-products that are usually unsuitable for premium grade flooring, thus making a top-grade timber and bamboo floor far more cost-effective, while also minimising waste. So not only is it using our resources more responsibly and sustainably, but it also creates a floorboard that is guaranteed to stay premium for a lifetime. In order to produce a floorboard that is stable we need to overcome the natural movement that occurs with some solid timber and bamboo flooring during their acclimatisation period. For this reason we use a patented core design to bring balance to inherent tensions. Our patented, stabilised flooring technology is designed specifically to keep the surface of the board perfectly level. This is how we’re able to offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all our boards. This is the next generation of flooring, exclusive to Bamboozle®. forever-young-lifetime-warranty