French Oak Flooring Perth, WA

Species: Quercus petraea / Quercus robur
Colour: French oak has a tight grain and distinctive knots and rustic features making a very attractive floor. The high tannin content of French oak, compared to other oak species, means that it takes stains really well offering a range of natural looking colour options.
Hardness: 6.5 KN.  Being a dense species of oak means French Oak is suitable for most family homes.
Origin: As the name suggests, French Oak comes predominately from the managed oak plantations in France. Our sources are PEFC accredited to ensure only sustainable sourced timber is used in the production of Lifewood French Oak floors.
History: French Oak comes in two species, it varies from region to region, however generally consistency can be obtained by not mixing species and the age of the trees.The processed oak timber is graded into four sections according to its usage which is mainly for wine and whisky barrels, flooring, furniture and joinery.Though the first French forestry code was written in 1346, modern day management really started under Louis the 14th Prime Minister Jean Baptiste Colbert who, between 1661 and 1669 restructured all royal domain forests. The jewel in the crown was, and still is the “Tronçais” forest, certainly the finest oak forest in Europe. This successful management has continued through to the present day ensuring sustainable supply of French oak from trees that are 200-250 years old on an ongoing basis.

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