Lifewood® Timber Floors

If you’re the kind of person that is very particular with what you showcase in your home then the Lifewood range of timber flooring was designed for you…

Timber flooring in Perth has evolved… To a pre-polished, premium-grade floorboard that looks fantastic for a lifetime, yet doesn’t cost the earth.

Achievable only with a unique, cross-layered design called StayFlat. This hardwood innovation makes a beautiful feature of the best looking timber throughout a home, while also utilising the less attractive parts of the timber in a concealed structure below.

This means a dramatic reduction in waste, as we are able to use timber which would otherwise be unsuitable. Not only does it use local timbers more responsibly and sustainably, the design creates amazing stability that allows us to provide an unprecedented lifetime warranty too.

The end result is a longer, wider floorboard with less colour variation, that is installed in a matter of days – not weeks. Being pre-polished not only allows you to move in sooner, it also means there is no need to have the mess of sanding and polishing happening in your home. And if that wasn’t enough, it can still be sanded later in life as many times as solid wood, to give long-term value.