Bamwood-On-Ply Perth, WA

Bamwwod-On-PlyBamwood-On-Ply gives you all the strength of Bamwood, with the affordability of ply as the structure underneath. Janka Hardness: 14.7 kN Dimensions: 1850 x 124 x 15mm Child Approved - Pet Approved - Stiletto Tolerant - Kitchen Friendly

Features of Bamwood-On-Ply floors include:

  • Extremely durable (73% harder than jarrah).
  • Bamboo "knots" are less visable, giving more of a wood look.
  • Comes pre-finished so it is quick to install with no mess or odour.
  • Comes in Honey, Caramel, and Mocha colour.
  • Can be sanded twice in its life – giving it an approximate lifespan of 20 years.