Factory warranties from China are difficult to make a claim against if not impossible. The questions to ask are: What is a factory warranty and what does it cover? What happens when your supplier changes factories? The responsibility of the warranty should be held by the company that supplies the product to you and not a 3rd party that you are not able to contact. It is important to bear in mind the warranty is only as strong as the company that backs it. Bamboozle® does not rely on a factory warranty and so we don’t expect you to have to either.

When you buy your Bamboozle flooring, you automatically get our Forever Young Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

Bamboozle bamboo flooring is exclusively available from Lifewood. Visit the Lifewood family in the award-winning timber flooring showroom in Perth, to experience and visualise how an amazing floor can transform your life. We aim to make buying bamboo and timber floors easy, enjoyable and convenient - all you have to do is choose something beautiful and Lifewood will do the rest.

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