Timber Flooring vs Bamboo Flooring

Deciding on the type of flooring that best suits your needs is no easy decision. Both timber and bamboo can look absolutely stunning in your home and really add a level of warmth and comfort. It's natural to weigh up timber flooring vs bamboo flooring and we look at both materials below.

Timber Flooring

Timber and floating timber flooring exude a quality and warmth in any home. There are many types or species of Australian timber, giving a wide range in colour and grain, but also giving a wide range of hardness. Timber Hardness is measured by the Janka Hardness Test – the higher the number, the denser and harder the timber. Some timbers are relatively "soft", Tasmanian Oak for example having a value of 4.9 compared to Jarrah with 8.5, whilst Eastern States Blackbutt is one of the hardest floors with a value of 9.1

Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooringBamboozle have had many years of supplying and installing quality bamboo floors to the new home and renovation market, either conventional bamboo grain or "Bamwood" – a bamboo floor that's over 70% harder than Jarrah, and gives the look and feel of conventional timber flooring. Bamboo flooring today is mostly supplied pre-finished and stuck direct onto concrete. Furniture can be moved back after only several hours, reducing disruption for renovators. Bamboo flooring has all the attributes of quality timber flooring – a warm look and feel to suit the most discerning of owners, and a look that can be improved after many years of service if necessary by sanding & polishing to give a traditional finish. As far as health and cleanliness is concerned, bamboo flooring scores high marks. Pets are disinclined to mess a floor, but it can be easily cleaned, however pets can find bamboo floors a bit slippy when rushing about! Bamwood flooring is scratch resistant and easy to clean, many owners opting to use a steam mop occasionally; and the fixing process means that an accidental spillage of red wine is readily cleaned up leaving no evidence!

Why Bamboo?

Flooring is the only part of your home you touch at almost every moment of every day. So while looks are important, so too is the sense of touch. To the eye, our premium bamboo flooring has a natural glow timber floors can't match. And because of its unique grain, bamboo floors give homes a beautiful flow from room to room. Our customers tell us time and again that their bamboo flooring makes them feel good about their home. It touches their hearts as well as their toes. The fact that bamboo is forest-friendly will make you feel good inside too. Read some of our testimonials here.

The Bamboozle Product Promise

We promise your bamboo floor will be:
  • Breathtakingly beautiful and add a new feeling of warmth to your home.
  • Manufactured to exacting standards and perfectly suited to Australian conditions (it won't warp, cup, crack or split).
  • Installed to exacting standards of fit, finish and appearance.
You will also get our Forever Young lifetime warranty, too.

The Bamboozle Service Promise

We promise we will:
  • Give you honest, professional advice so you can confidently choose a bamboo floor that matches your home & lifestyle.
  • Keep you regularly informed at all times leading up to and during the installation process.
  • Be on time, respectful, well presented, courteous and professional at all times.
  • Make installation a quick, clean and efficient process.
  • Leave your new floor spotless and your home clean and tidy.
  • Treat your home and new floor as if they were our own.
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