Hardwood Flooring vs Bamboo Flooring

Australian hardwood flooring has an unmistakable organic glow and beauty that makes them the flooring of choice for so many homeowners. But the question for a lot of our Perth and country WA customers is – what is the difference between bamboo flooring and Australian hardwood flooring?

There are three distinct styles of bamboo floors on the market in Australia: vertical, horizontal and a compressed grain style. At Bamboozle, we only sell premium quality compressed grain boards called Bamwood, which is an improved version of the normal compressed grain style (also known as strand-woven bamboo) designed for Australian conditions. This style of bamboo, with its diversity of colours, caters for almost everyone’s wants and needs, and in several key areas, out-perform timber alternatives. At Bamboozle we are committed to producing products which sell themselves with their superior quality, properties and looks. An important factor in choosing your floors is whether or not they are tough enough to cope with the battering all floors receive every day, and still maintain an attractive appearance. At Bamboozle, our dedication to providing premium quality boards led us to the production of our unique style, Bamwood. Bamwood is made from compressed grain bamboo, which is nearly twice as hard as jarrah, and therefore extremely resistant to stiletto and high-heeled shoes, the damage that can be caused by pets, and most scratches and dents, which can severely degrade the appearance and finish of all timber floors. It is equally important to choose a floor that complements your house and décor, as well as your lifestyle. The production process of Bamwood involves feeding strips of raw bamboo into a 2000 tonne compressor. The finished product has a wood-grain appearance, with fibres running the full length of the board. This more traditional look easily matches any interior decoration. Bamwood is the only compressed grain board on the market which is cross-laminated for improved stability and resistance to cupping. With Bamwood, you have the look and benefits of a hardwood floor, but with higher density and stability, for a competitive price. Bamboo gives an inimitable modern, exotic feel to your home, which cannot be matched by timber flooring. The other two styles of bamboo flooring, vertical and horizontal, have a more distinctive bamboo look, as nodes or knots in the bamboo strips are clearly visible. However they are considerably softer than jarrah and so we found that more often than not they don't hold up to most Aussie lifestyles. All of our products are available in various colours and tones, so that no matter what you’re after, we can adapt to your tastes. Bamboo colours are reliable, so that the displays in our showroom and all our product samples are true indicators of what you will have in your own floor. Unlike timber floors, colour variation is easily kept to a minimum, which preserves a natural look, but means you can choose your colour, and trust its uniformity. Many hardwoods can significantly change colour over time. Bamboo can lighten or darken in direct sunlight, but will only change in tone, not colour, so that your colour scheme will not be compromised. Using bamboo is an environmentally aware way of having organic flooring, as it is forest friendly, and a truly renewable resource. Hardwoods take a long time to reach maturity, which means plantations have to be large to be economical. Bamboo grows at 30cm a day, which means it is easily managed in comparatively small plantations with a high production rate. This has the added bonus of increasing availability of bamboo. Installing natural/eco friendly flooring is far less likely to be delayed due to lack of availability with bamboo than with hardwoods. The installation process is quicker and cleaner with bamboo than with hardwoods. All our products are available in pre-finished boards, so the dusty, messy process of in-home sanding and polishing is eradicated. The boards are ready to be walked on as soon as they are installed, pre-coated with 7 layers a hard-wearing European Polyurethane, for scratch-resistance, and are naturally termite resistant. The installation process is quick, and does not require you to move out as there are no fumes or emissions, and the floor can be lived on same-day. In contrast, hardwood floors are nearly always sanded and polished in situ, causing considerable inconvenience for some. Bamboo floors speak for themselves with their flexibility in colour, their superior physical properties and modern, elegant appearance. When choosing your flooring, make the comparison, and see why so many Australians are choosing bamboo over hardwood floors.